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Technological Expertise.
Innovative Solutions.

At CAPS, we use the newest technologies to create effective software solutions for a variety of needs.

With a firm grasp on analytics and design, our products are accessible and increase performance across agency type.

  • Transportation and Traffic Safety
  • Law Enforcement
  • Motor Vehicle Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Weather and Disaster Response
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Developers, Researchers, Managers & Marketing Professionals


Over 100 projects completed or in progress


Sponsors & Partners all over the globe

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About Us

Software Development
is at the core of CAPS

We are a research center that is focused on the complete lifecycle of software development.

Not only are we developers, we are data scientists who use our products to shape the world around us in an informed way.

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CAPS' innovative software solutions are influenced by the work of its in-house researchers. Reciprocally, the ensuing software data informs further research.

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Systems Integration

By considering factors such as potential users, devices, processes, and legislation, CAPS takes an integrated systems approach to software design.

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GIS Applications

Our geographic information systems connect users with data-driven analysis in real-time. Through applications like MapClick and integration with CARE, GIS plays a large role in the accuracy of our data, searches, and resources.

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Data Security

CAPS' in-house IT staff and system administrators employ the latest privacy and security tools to protect sponsor data. All of our employees undergo background checks, fingerprinting and HIPAA compliance training.

Data Analytics

Empowering decision-makers with expertly derived information.



The Critical Analysis Reporting Environment (CARE) was developed at CAPS and boasts functions such as frequency distributions, cross-tabulation, and information mining.



CARE can be used for most data types but has been specifically applied to crash, citation, and weather data.


Visual Output Display

Analyzed data can be represented via charts and graphs in dashboards, mapping functions, or whatever best suits client needs.


Rapid Data Processing

CARE allows users to process large amounts of data with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

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About Us

Modern Tech Solutions

We aren't just software developers, our staff includes a fully-fledged marketing team with years of experience in web design, content management and development, video production, graphic design, and advertising.

As an extension of these public-facing solutions, we also specialize in mobile applications that serve various purposes for our partners.

With the CAPS Marketing and Web Team, the possibilities are truly endless.

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Web Design & UX

At the heart of every marketing project is a firm understanding and implementation of UX and UI. End-user experience is the driving force of our researchers.

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Branding & Graphics

CAPS strategists and creatives offer results-oriented and modern solutions tailored to your organization's initiatives.

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Web Development

Our developers, designers, and testers specialize in web development that is customized to fit your needs.

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Mobile App Development

Our team delivers comprehensive app development that includes wireframing, integration, and even public marketing campaigns.

Technology Applications

Each CAPS product utilizes a unique combination of technology expertise.

Best practices and client needs are evaluated to choose the most appropriate process and technologies to execute products.

Agile focus

With CAPS technologies, we can develop custom products to meet your needs.

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Data Systems

Our systems not only collect data but analyze this info in various ways beneficial to public agencies.

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Electronic Citations & Reporting

Since 2002, CAPS has specialized in systems that issue electronic citations and data reporting in several states.

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Integrated Framework

Seamlessly integrate your software tools with a CAPS framework.

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Vehicle Titling & Registration Systems

CAPS has a unique focus in motor vehicle tools and applications.

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Insurance Verification System

Our verification system has proven reliability for state agencies.