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Develop an electronic, process
level solution to replace paper
citations in Alabama.

eCite, an electronic citation issuance and processing system, was developed as a solution to Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts' request for a replacement for the time-consuming, error-prone paper citation form used by law enforcement.

The goal was to increase the efficiency of the court system through a process level solution that promoted accuracy and timeliness.


Launch Dates

2003: Initial Pilot Phases
2005: Municipal Pilot
2007: Alabama State Trooper adoption complete & municipal roll-out begun

Easy Adaptation

eCite's customization options, such as, non-uniform traffic citations, and record management systems integration, make it highly flexible for adaption to any jurisdiction, municipality, or state. Let CAPS customize eCite for your organization.

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Design & Technology

eCite is utilized by officers in the field to issue tickets, print a copy for the violator, and transmit the data to a server repository. Law enforcement and court system personnel access this data through CAPS developed administrative portals, eSwear, eSearch, and Advance.

CAPS provides free web services for law enforcement and court personnel to pull data collected in eCite into their records management systems.

The multiple users, interfaces, equipment, and state legislation involved this process solution illustrates CAPS' integrated systems approach to software design and problem-solving.


Revolutionized citation process
& improved highway safety.

eCite revolutionized the citation process for Alabama law enforcement and court system personnel by improving accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

eCite enables officers to spend a greater percentage of their shift on patrol and provides court system personnel with immediate access to citations.

Data gathered from eCite aids in the most optimal concentration of enforcement efforts.


80% of AL citations issued through eCite
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi