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The CAPS foundation of data analysis and information mining

The Critical Analysis Reporting Environment (CARE) is a national award-winning data analysis software package developed by CAPS more than 25 years ago and continues to provide a framework for many of our tech offerings.

The goal of this project was to provide a software package that could give information, problem indentification and countermeasure development for law enforcement agencies in both desktop and web versions.


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The CAPS foundation of data analysis and information mining

CARE is special because of the limitless potential of information mining. Users can obtain crucial database analysis without generating endless queries. We combine statistics, non-categorical variables, reporting, and GIS integration in this one product.

Its versatility is evident but not exhausted in CARE's current applications - generating analytics for crash reports, aviation safety data, traffic citations, medical data, and survey applications. This system software can be easily implemented for a variety of needs and systems.

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multiple products

CARE's dashboard version has been implemented in various CAPS products since it's formation over 25 years ago including SAFETY (both public and private facing), ADVANCE, and our EMS products. These products are used across the country and are touted for their rapid and accurate data analysis. The CARE hotspot analysis is also used to guide law enforcement efforts.

State agencies depend on CARE to complete federally required data-driven traffic safety strategy plans. Without the raw data, these plans could not meet the required standards.

CARE has great potential to evolve into various data mining needs in both Windows and web. It is continually improved upon and enhanced for a variety of data needs for our sponsors and partners.


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