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Putting up-to-the-minute roadway
info in the hands of Alabamians

Create a public-facing mobile and web app to inform Alabamians of current roadway conditions with a back end system for ALDOT traffic management centers to manually update conditions.


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Real-Time Traffic Solutions

Be in control of your commute. Download Algo to coordinate your daily routes and receive up-to-date traffic and weather alerts that can affect your travel time.

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Our Process

Our design and development practices are held to high standards.

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Collaboration with ALDOT to capture roadway conditions in real-time.

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Testing & Launch

User-focused UI/UX was tested and launched with personalization in mind.

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Continually tracks data and alerts for improvements on a user dashboard.


Design & Technology

As a joint effort between CAPS and ALDOT, the Algo website and mobile app were built with a public safety focus at the forefront. The design is focused on smooth interaction and customization based on user routes and travel times across the state. The tech includes seamless integration with the ALDOT camera network and live access to the National Weather Service.

Our mapping systems integration and data analytics have proven to be a success across the state for live traffic camera feeds, message sign readouts, incident and construction information, current road congestion levels, and weather events. The data analytics and sharing are prime examples of the collaboration CAPS has with state agencies.


Positive impact on Alabama
traffic situations

From construction and traffic congestion to weather and even gameday activity, the Algo Traffic App informs Alabama drivers with ALDOT and NWS updates via push notifications and audible alerts.

Currently implemented in five major cities, the app can facilitate full state coverage and is continually evolving to provide comprehensive operational notifications from law enforcement, meteorologist, and campus officials when it matters the most.


32,161 Active Users
238,346 Lifetime Sessions