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Streamlining important taxpayer information

Reorganize content and create a new website for ADOR that will allow taxpayers to find the information they need in a more succinct way. Also, enhance the layout and optimize the website for all devices.


Launch Date

July 28, 2017

Our Process

Our design and development practices are held to high standards.

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Info Gathering

In-depth content and data collection through active sponsor collaboration.

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Content Curation

Expertly organized and written content for enhanced user experience.

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Template Design

Custom template designed with the latest UI/UX best practices.

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Testing & Launch

Feedback from the sponsor through testing allowed for a seamless launch.


Adapted content & Custom Template

The first step in the CAPS process was to dive in-depth into the existing content on the outdated website. Our marketing and web team then held working group meetings with the sponsor to determine a content hierarchy.

Concurrently, developers built a custom content management system to account for the variety of complex needs of the Alabama Department of Revenue. To serve as a tutorial, the CAPS marketing and web team also developed an overview video that was highlighted on the new homepage.

From the tailored design to the customized applications, the ADOR website was completely a collaborative effort with the sponsor and continues to be a successfully implemented tool.


Mission-enhancing functionality and integration

A new website that highlights ADOR's mission, vision, and services built on a user-friendly, role-based content management system, featuring enhanced search functionality and integration with existing tools and services for an overall improved taxpayer experience.


4.9 Million users since the redesign
35% of users access site with a mobile device
51.97% bounce rate
46% through traffic rate from the homepage to internal pages