Law Enforcement

CAPS has partnered with law enforcement entities to provide support and software products aimed at increasing their safety as well as operational effectiveness and efficiency.

We routinely partner with state and municipal law enforcement entities in Alabama and have implemented our systems in other states including Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

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Applications are customized by
purpose, audience, and device

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In-vehicle electronic citation issuance software with instant transmission of data to the courts.

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Electronic case routing incident management enterprise system for capturing, storing, and retrieving data.

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Integrated framework for seamless and efficient use of multiple applications by officers in the field.

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Process, purpose, and expertise are
difference makers for our results.

Each of our law enforcement products are designed to support law enforcement personnel in their safety, operational effectiveness and efficiency. With the CAPS Critical Analysis Reporting Environment, we are able to provide an extensive range of products that do a variety of functions from issuing citations to completing crash reports.

All of our law enforcement products are firmly based in research. As data scientists, we use the newest tech solutions to optimize these applications. Whether you're looking for data analytics, GIS-capable applications, or systems integration, CAPS has the ability to customize solutions for your organization.

Case Studies

Discover how we develop & implement life-changing software.

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The research we do is applied in various technologies across our partner projects. See how we use an interdisciplinary approach to development.

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